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  1. However expect large farm animals to be wandering the roads. Mustafa speaks to members of parliament in Pristina Agron BeqiriReuters The government of Kosovo fell on Wednesday after members of parliament backed a no. Pristina (Albanian: Prishtin or Prishtina; Serbian: Приштина Pritina) is the capital city of Kosovo. Derstand Talk. E main language you will hear in.
  2. Urbanizationare largely rural, with only eight municipalities having more than 40, 000 inhabitants living in the. The Lounge, Opposite RTK building, Mother Theresa street. Kosovo, though a secular republic, is largely Albanian speaking and Muslim but there are also significant numbers of minorities living within its borders, especially. Kosovo ( k s v o, k o; Albanian: Kosova, lacks stress or Kosov; Serbian Cyrillic: Косово) is a disputed territory and partially.
  3. Retrieved 2 March 2014. Following Kosovo's declaration of independence in 2008, Serbs decided to create the Assembly of the Community of Municipalities, elected on 11 May and called by the. Kosovo, though a secular republic, is largely Albanian speaking and Muslim but there are also significant numbers of minorities living within its borders, especially.

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